The world in my eyes

15. července 2018 v 21:49 | smartly
People are just incredibly complicated and sophisticated ultra-IQ beings who devote all their time, energy and enormous IQ to act masochistic in every possible situation. They are relentless in it and never, albeit for a tiniest moment, waver in their efforts. They have an incredibly complex set of rituals, rules and acting customs and it is all pursued for the goal of suffering. Time and again I stand flabbergasted in awe of their dedication and self-control.


1 Platan Platan | E-mail | Web | 22. července 2018 v 14:58 | Reagovat

It's a crying shame we are dedicated in all of the wring areas of life, isn't it? :)

2 Džejní Džejní | Web | 22. července 2018 v 19:52 | Reagovat

fucking humans...

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