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19. července 2017 v 16:06 | smartly
Pardon my English, but right now I am in a mood where English just sounds better to my ears. Also excuse stylistical quality or the lever of grammar, I literally wrote it in 27 minutes and have no will to look at it again and post-process it. Some thoughts are just best left as they we born.

I was in a bus. There it all came back to me, all the emotions and wires that were turned off for the day, they gradually started buzzing untill all were on culminating in a final crescendo. I wanted to kick and scream and run and kick again, but instead I had to sit silent on my seat in a bus completely filled with people. Enduring it for whole two and a half hours, a hood being my only shelter. I hate this. I really hate, when it all comes to me in public places. People, people everywhere. Stupid people, bad people, people who make this world this world. World, in which a girl walking during a bright sunny day has to suddenly change direction in fear of being followed. World, in which I have to ask for refund every second time I go shopping, because everytime the "mistake" of the supermarket is solely in my disadvantage. World, in which it is advantageous for producers to print "50% Free" on their products, because half of the people really believe it. World, in which people commit suicides, because noone fucking cares about noone but their own butts.
Sometimes I dream I could send all people to Mars and have this planet just for myself. It would be such a beautiful place again.

No, I am not ever going to harm anyone. So fuck off all those who say that all people have something violent in themselves. I don't. Period. End of discussion. It is now your fight and your worry and your responsibility.

What is one man? What can one man do?
One man cannot build a skyscraper, travel to Moon or solve the world hunger. You might object that Stalin could to that. But go just one level deep, and you'll see that he could barely build a wooden cottage, if it wasn't for millions who trusted that he could do it. Let this trust gone, and he is powerless. Sometimes this can change with a blink of an eye. I could say that the power of one man is equivalent to how much power we believe he has. (And this, is my personal interpretation of the book by T. Pratchett called Small Gods.)

Imagine just two people, who act in unison for some goal. I am not talking about symbiosis. I am talking about uniformity. They both have the same values, beliefs. They act together, because they want, and not merely because it is advantageous.
In a world where everyone acts just for himself, this is a power far unparalleled. As soon as you truly comprehend what I was saying here, you would instantly realize the potential and power of organizations like Illuminati. IF they existed.

And maybe nature's cheated us all. Did you ever think about why we never came across a signal from an alien civilization? So many stars, galaxies... How many habitable worlds? The space should be bubbling with artificial noise everywhere... And yet, we hear only silence. Nothing. Ever.
It is as well possible, that nature has its own 11th commandment:
Every civilization, that reaches certain level of development, will eventually become extinct.

I don't know, it might be weapons of mass destruction. It might be a virus, or some hidden "Pandora's box", like those anti-matter experiments they are doing in CERN right now.

In any case, it seems Mankind is as alone in Space as Human is alone in Mankind.


1 Sili Sili | Web | 20. července 2017 v 19:51 | Reagovat

I believe that one can change the world – you just have to think in small scales. You don't have to change the world by being the first man to go to space, you can change the world little by little – by holding the door open for someone or donating some change to a good cause. Be the change you want to see in the world, right? I do realize my optimism can seem a bit obnoxious, but I truly believe that being optimistic helps you get through the day a little better than being pessimistic about life and everything it encompasses.

2 smartly smartly | Web | 22. července 2017 v 21:35 | Reagovat

[1]: Hopefully, "I am becoming optimistic again" won't be your last words, meh heh.  Well, I have tried both. Optimistic, pessimistic, and neither of them made the world different. The only difference was that it took me longer time to see the world how it is. So I just ended up with seeing what my eyes see and hearing what my ears hear. Not many adults can do that. But I am not an adult, after all...

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