Beyond redemption

5. května 2017 v 18:51 | smartly
Dnes drobný počin z tzv. 5-minútovej poézie. Voľný prúd myšlienok. Nefiltrovaný. Absolútny originál. Bez backspacov.

I met you out there
when you were the most alone
looked you in the eyes.

Albeit for a split second
it was more than enough
to see the supernova that never exploded
buried deep
in emptiness and disappointment
repeating itself over and over
like a broken tape record
in a six dimensional desert
sand falling up and rising down in all directions
wherever you look
but a barren drought ground flooded with paintings of water.

Like a hourglass turned upside down
I saw time reversed
years of pain never realized
the drought in your eyes gone
I saw light in the eyes of a child
that desires more than is allowed in this world.

Because this split second
I saw it all.

And I cracked.
Because you are beyond redemption.

The mirror




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So clear...

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