Star Town

5. května 2017 v 18:51 | smartly |  čaká na Ká
To meet him I only dared
where noone else would ever stray
straight into his eyes I stared.

Split second; he flickered away
yet I saw what no painter can paint
nor the wittiest actor outplay.

I saw uncontainable be contained
I saw dormant volcano getting hotter
I saw torture in the eyes of a saint.

I heard mad Fata Morgana's laughter
in a barren scorched desert land sundrowned
where raining are just paintings of water.

Like a hourglass turned upside down
I saw grains of time rising
wrinkles of pain flattening
thirsty dry eyes watering
'till I found myself peering
into the soft peepers of a child
filled with bright lights of a startown.

It was the split second I cracked.

.the mirror




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So clear...

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