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Pardon my English, but right now I am in a mood where English just sounds better to my ears. Also excuse stylistical quality or the lever of grammar, I literally wrote it in 27 minutes and have no will to look at it again and post-process it. Some thoughts are just best left as they we born.

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Man vs. Computer

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Malá ukážka, ako by mohla vyzerať moja tvorba zo špionážneho prostredia, keby sa mi všetky tie nápady chcelo niekedy spísať. V živote som nečítal žiadnu špionážnu detektívku, a tak to asi aj bude vyzerať. Možno objavujem už dávno objavené. Navyše je to po anglicky. No čo už, snáď aspoň jednej duši sa to bude páčiť. Ja som sa pri tom celkom vyblbol :D

NOSA - National security agency of Aqualandia (something similar as CIA in the USA). Also a place of the plot.
N12 - National security agency of Relandia, i.e. the adversary of NOSA. Relandia is an ancient enemy of Aqualandia.
Gamma - counter-espionage unit of NOSA.
Hanssen - counter-espionage unit of N12.

Code S - One of the emergency modes of operation in NOSA. When NOSA is under Code S, it means it is under presumption, that at least some layers of security and encryption on electronic communication have been breached. As a result, all officials, agents and operatives have to meet *personally* to assign work and review progress, like in the old prehistoric times. That has, of course, its drawbacks. It is time- and resource-inefficient, but most of all, it poses a security risk. As meeting in person means there are less effective mechanisms for preserving anonymity. Of course, all agents and operatives are wearing Scramble suits at each meeting, but even Scramble suits represent a security risk compared to electronic communication. There are for example algorithms that can identify a person solely based on his way of movement, to name just one risk of many. Of course, there are many precautions to avoid identification even in electronic communications. For example, agents have to obey a Code of Writing at all times, which has many rules aimed at avoiding exhibiting distinctive personal signs, like for example overusing of certain words or phrases, names, cultural references etc. All writing has to be strictly generic and unattributable. The Code of Writing also regulates rules for password security, untrusted channels etc. etc.
Code A - Normal and desirable mode of operation.
Scramble suit - A suit worn by NOSA agents and operatives under Code S and Code P conditions, i.e. when they have to meet personally. It conceals agent's visage, voice and even sex. It is designed to keep agents anonymous to each other, so that they cannot reveal the other agent's identity to the enemy, either intentionally, or unintentionally. It is also a precautionary measure to make any identification attempts by the enemy (including abduction and torture of agents) useless. Most of all, it keeps the hierarchy structure of NOSA concealed even under Code S/P conditions and gives agents a sense of security. (Inspired by Scanner Darkly).
Class-B - code name given by N12 for auxiliary operations, i.e. operations of non-primary interest
PI - person of interest

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